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Our latest commercial is currently running on TV in Sweden and we thought we would share some of our thoughts behind it, marketing wise. Who else to turn to if not our CMO Mattias Hallgrim to give us some juicy insights on the current Zmarta campaign.

It’s okay to be stupid sometimes – as long as you’re smart with your personal finances.

Zmartas’ latest commercial, currently showing on TV, is portraying a man walking around in an exhibition with lots of expensive art around him. You know how tempting it is to do exactly the opposite of what that “do not touch”-sign tells you. Well, the man gives in to the temptation – touches one of the displays – which ultimately makes it collapse. Not very smart, right? It’s simple and, if you don’t mind us saying so, a little bit brilliant.

– By adding humor, we are taking the next step with Zmarta. The commercials objective is to emphasize the importance of taking care of your finances, but does so in a fun way, says Mattias Hallgrim, CMO at Zmarta Group.

The current film is just one example of the new concept and it’s not the first time that Zmarta uses humor in their marketing actions; Humor was also at play in the production of “Zmarta hacks” – short animated movies giving witty financial advice within different areas of life.

– It was important for us to find a concept that worked just as well with traditional, as well as social media and other digital channels, says Mattias Hallgrim.

Watch one of our TV-commercial, “The gallery”.