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HR is about attracting, retaining and developing the right employees for Zmarta. The overall responsibility in questions concerning the company’s personnel falls on the human resources team. The team focuses on everything from general day-to-day management to bigger questions such as creating and sustaining a great working environment and company culture as well as a Zmarta Academy with development opportunities for everyone.

Kajsa Kurtsson, Head of Competence Development – Working within HR at Zmarta is so exciting because of the growth of the company and constant change. I have I have always felt, from the moment I walked in here, that the company believes in me. Among other things, I funded our Zmarta Academy that introduces all the sale staff and our leaders. The cool thing about that is that we wanted to have something that big companies have, and now we are that big company! With our academy and other programs such as leadership programs, we give our employees the tools to build their own career.

Christina Immell, Chief Human Resources Officer – Working with HR in Zmarta Group is so different from my previous experiences with big international companies. It is much more intense, dynamic, fast and we are into constant and exciting changes which requires HR to adapt accordingly all the time. Human resources is dedicated to attracting, develop, and retain the right people for Zmarta Group taking into account the need of today but also tomorrow. We work closely with the different functions and countries to ensure that the HR priorities support the strategy and goals of each area. The function is very much hands-on but also long-term oriented. The scope includes everything from recruiting, labor law and union co-operation, leadership and organization, people development and culture to support Zmarta in being a truly great place to work.