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Recruiting in a fast-growing company doesn’t only require lots of work, but it also needs a competent and efficient recruiter. We have talked to Christina Immell, Head of HR at Zmarta Group about what it’s like to operate as a recruiter in an internationally expanding company.

What’s your role at Zmarta Group and what type of background do you have careerwise?
– My formal title is CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer) and I have the overall responsibility for Human Resources in Zmarta Group. I have worked with recruitment since I completed my studies at Lund University, and have since then worked for almost thirty years in leading HR positions at various companies such as Arla, Peab and IKEA, and, most recently Lindab where I was responsible for the HR function in the Lindab Group.

I have experience in finding all kinds of roles; during the first years, I worked with recruitment of factory personnel and thereafter administrative personnel, specialists, sales peoples, senior management and MDs. There have also been many international management recruitments over the years. I would guess that I participated in more than 500 different recruitments all in all.

What should be considered when recruiting in a growth company that operates globally on different markets?
– It’s mostly about ensuring that applicants can manage both different cultures, and the complexity of tasks arising from several countries to be coordinated. Generally, it’s also important that applicants have the right mind-set and motivation to thrive as well as perform in an expanding and fast moving company where a lot is happening at one time which requires flexibility, adaptability and a high work-capacity.

Are there any differences in approach when recruiting for a role which will work for several countries?
– The complexity increases on many levels when several countries are involved. It includes, for example, considering cultural aspects, legislation, long-distance contacts and sometimes management on a distance. It’s valuable to find people who are flexible, responsive, and can create and maintain good relationships on distance, with the ability to give and take responsibility and pursue issues independently as well as a high morale and ethics.

In general, there are also differences in leadership style from country to country. For instance, hierarchy is more natural to some countries than to Sweden where we strive for equality, involvement and democracy at our workplace. We are careful to choose people who both fit into our corporate culture and who are genuinely interested in working in an international and fast paced company with a strong growth agenda.

What kind of person are you looking for when you recruit for Zmarta Group?
– First – It’s important to remember that as a recruiter, I will not be working directly with the person – I’m more of a facilitator, coordinator and quality check, whose job is to provide support and advice to the recruiting manager. It’s important to understand the job requirements as well as the current team set-up and potential gaps of experience and personal qualities.

The second part is about ensuring that the candidate fits into our corporate culture, share our values, can work well with the recruiting manager, and has professional plans and motivators that we can accommodate and that are in line with our overall targets. A very important issue is the question of motivation of the candidate. It’s vital that the candidate motivate why the position and company is of interest. In our case, where we are in a strong expansion phase, it’s music to our ears to hear candidates talk about wanting take part in the “journey” ahead of us.

Does it require lots of resources to find the right person for the job?
– We handle ​​sales recruitments in-house and there’s a dedicated HR resource who’s responsible for this area. In other recruitments, we often involve recruitment agencies which together with the HR Manager and recruiting manager cooperate to “seal the deal”. Sometimes it may also be of value to meet others in the department or, if you’re a candidate for a telemarketing job for instance, to co-listen to our customer calls before there is a decision for hiring.

What platforms do you use when advertising a vacancy?
– In addition to our own website and the Zmarta Group Career page on LinkedIn, there are many different platforms available, depending on what kind of employees we seek. In many cases, our recruitment partners use their own platforms, but a general platform for the candidate search is LinkedIn.

Do you have any advice for job seekers who want to work for Zmarta Group?
– Keep an eye open for our vacancies on our corporate website and our career site on LinkedIn. We also welcome spontaneous applications. Before applying, I highly recommend to read about us on the website to understand more about who we are and what we can offer as a company. It’s as equally important for us and the applicant that we fit together, and that the applicant has thought through his or her motivations and reasons to believe we could be the right choice of potential employer.

Is it crucial to have a background in finance to work here?
– No, in most cases it isn’t a must, but it’s a strong added value to your application.