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Thomas Palmgren

Parnership Manager Scandinavia |

I started at Zmarta in Febuary 2017. I have been in the Swedish Finance industry for 18 years. My last employment was with Lindorff Sweden, which is a collection agency, where I worked as Key Account Manager for 3 years. Before was at Klarna for 4 years and GE Money Bank for 10 years.

Zmarta is a great company to work for because we are helping our customers to get the best product for them and our partners to get the right customers. Being able to be the intermediary between these two groups to find a solution where everyone benefits is very rewarding and fun.

The words that come to mind to describe Zmarta are; Ambition and Fun. We aspire to be best in class in what we do, always try to find new ways to improve. In addition to this we want to expand our service both geographically and with new products, which is challenging and fun!

I just move to a house, getting settled in takes a lot of my time and with a baby on the way that makes up for all my spare time. However, I try to find time to watch some football and travel. One of my best trips was this January when me and my girlfriend went to Japan, which was a great experience of culture, nature, food, and people. I really recommend everyone to visit Japan.

Caroline Wedberg

Head of sales Sweden, Norway and Group sales development |

I joined the company in 2007 and celebrate 10 years this year, which is crazy! I started as a team leader for a group that was working with personal loans to consumers. We were about 20 employees, which meant that everyone knew each other well. There was a strong focus on sales and development, and everyone worked as a team to take the company to new levels all the time.

The first years we licked envelopes and mailed every day. We called the lenders and spoke for hours on the phone to get information about which customers they could help with a solution. Today, everything is automatically where the customer only makes one credit request and get answers from 25 different lenders in one go.

Our services have changed and become much stronger, both from our customers and partners point of view, but also in internal management that has become much faster and smoother. Now we are more than 200 employees and the team spirit and high ambitions is still here.

I think that we are only at the beginning of technical development of personal financial services. Looking at recent developments on the market with solutions that helps customers make smart choices with their finances, we will probably see an increase of companies that focuses on simplifying the use of traditional banking services. I believe that more consumers will see the value of such services than they do today, and become increasingly unfaithful to the traditional banking world. In this new environment, you must have the best and smartest customer solutions.

I would summarize my time at Zmarta Group as an incredibly exciting, fun, and challenging journey that I’m happy to have been a part of. I have worked with sales in different roles such as sales manager, department manager and country manager. Today I have a role as sales manager for the Swedish and Norwegian markets, as well as a feature role in working with other countries to spread best practice and support the sales within the entire company.