We take great pride in being the Money Helper who helps all customers improve their personal finances. Operating within the financial area requires a great deal of attention to legislative aspects along with ethical aspects. In Sweden, we are licensed by Finansinspektionen to carry out our operation which is one way of ensuring we apply the framework of legislation in place for our business.

Responsible business
Ethical business conduct and compliance with applicable laws and regulations are fundamental aspects of Zmarta’s corporate culture. We are committed to acting ethically in our everyday business. Building trust, being open and approachable, and acting with integrity is vital to achieving this objective.

Responsible intermediation
Every customer is unique. We firmly believe that we must fully understand our customers’ individual needs and ambitions before offering them any service, advice, or product. Our sales staff must attend our Zmarta Academy training where focus include customer care and fair sales culture.

Responsible lending
Last year we helped our customers’ lower their costs by more than 500 million MSEK. This shows the impact we have as a company and as a marketplace in the value chain. We have a duty to intermediate loans to our customers in a responsible way. In deciding whether to do a credit check or not, we follow a decision-making process designed to ensure the customer’s ability to repay the loan. Since customer relationships are based on mutual trust, we must be convinced of the integrity, ability, and financial capacity of our customers to meet their obligations.

Responsible employer
Our business success depends on our people. Attracting, keeping and retaining talented people is essential to us. To succeed, we believe in attracting people with different backgrounds and ages, that have the right attitude and commitment. In return, we give our employees an ability to build an exciting career in a growing company operating in several countries. Zmarta is a great place to work for senior roles as well as a firm platform for young people to enter the labor market. This includes the well-being of our employees from an overall team perspective as well as an individual perspective.

To live by the legislation and our collective agreements (where applicable) is our framework, but we are dedicated to do much more including offering inspiring leadership, engagement and involvement, a decent work environment from a physical as well as psychological perspective, and opportunities for training and development. We are pleased that many of our co-workers take great pride in working for Zmarta as they recognize their work add value and make a difference to people’s finances.

Environmental responsibility
We have the ambition to operate in such a way that we minimize any negative impact of nature resources over time. Our company is operating in an environment where traditional risk for pollution, injuries, consumption of energy etc. is relatively limited compared to many other branches. Nevertheless, we are committed to reduce any such risk and to always follow laws and rules applicable for our business.