Professionalism and responsibility

A professional and responsible behavior is of outmost importance in our mission to help customers find a solution for their personal finances, and to create a long-term relation. It also characterizes the relationship with our colleagues and our professional partners.

To safeguard this, we work continuously with sales related trainings in our daily leadership.

We believe in the opportunity to develop within the company and welcome co-workers who will grow in new or broadened roles.

Respect and customer focus

Co-workers with different competences, experiences and skills strengthen the overall company and give us a broader base to work from.

We respect and understand that there are different worktasks and responsibilities in the organisation and we put our own values aside, both when it comes to colleagues, customers and partners.

The customer always comes first, whether it is an external or internal customer.

Engagement and right attitude

Engagement is a key word for everyone in our organisation. We have a strong desire to succeed both as individuals and as a team which means that we fully engage in our work.

We choose to see opportunities instead of problems and are focusing on solutions. By treating each other and our tasks positively, we keep pessimism and negative feelings in a distance and have fun together both at work and outside.

Our individual contributions are very important but together we make the big difference and create the best possible result for our customers, partners, the company and ourselves. For that reasons, it is important to support and help each other as well as positively recognize the success of others.

Continuous improvement

There is always something we can improve and continuous improvement is a natural habit of our company.

By being open and responsive to changes, and engaged in our work towards improvements, we further strengthen our leading position on the market and create a safer employment situation for ourselves.

What do our co-workers say?

Sandra Andersson

Loan Officer | Norway

"I appreciate the opportunity to develop in my job. It can be anything from asking questions, learning a new work task or listening to an external speaker, to get a whole new role."

Rajmonda Rexhaj

Business Analyst | Sweden

"Zmarta Group is characterized by rapid development where changes and improvements are a part of our daily work. Employees are engaged to think outside the box in order to improve themselves, both on a personal level and in their profession."

Hanna Svensson

Sales Teamleader | Sweden

"It is a stimulating environment to work in and it feels great to be part of a constant journey that is being characterized by continuous change and growth."

Björn Johansson

Sales Teamleader | Sweden

"It is a great atmosphere where you are encouraged to speak up, and we have a good mix of fun initiatives, strong drive and full focus on our work tasks. I have never witnessed a workplace like the Zmarta Group office in Ängelholm. There is a special spirit here that needs to be experienced."